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Hurricane Eddies: Dunedin’s New Spot for Drinks, Sports Viewing, and Fresh Air

Hurricane Eddies is located over at 300 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698 and it takes the place of “The Inn” that inhabited the same spot prior to a fire. The “new guy in town” Hurricane Eddies still has some growing to do, but this is a location worth checking out.

About Hurricane Eddies

hurricaneeddies dunedin

Hurricane Eddies is the newest addition to Dunedin’s bar lineup and in the near future, they’ll be offering food as well. Don’t let the lack of food discourage you from checking out this gem though because the drinks more than make up for it. We’ll get to those details a little later on, but first, what you need to know about this new bar in town!

In June 2017, The Inn (a local bar) caught fire and caused local businesses to be evacuated. Following cleanup operations, the building site went on to become the new Hurricane Eddies. Not to be confused with Eddies Bar and Grill, a child-friendly spot that offers food and gaming to keep the kids occupied. Hurricane Eddies does not offer food or games to keep your kids busy, in fact, it’s just not child-friendly at all, so keep this in mind.

Hurricane Eddies Basic Info

Open from 9 am to 3 am seven days a week, Hurricane Eddies boasts a clean barroom with hightop tables, a pool table, and a fully stocked bar encircled with high def televisions. It makes a good hangout for game days and just somewhere to kick back with friends and a few beers, just make sure to eat before you get there. Although it’s said that they will offer food in the near future, there’s no telling exactly when that will be.

The Layout

hurricane eddies dunedin

The building itself is brand new so the facility is squeaky clean with plenty of seating. Just a short walk to the beach is ideal too so patrons can drop in after a day on the sand. While there isn’t currently an outside deck, the staff at the bar say that there will be one coming in the near future so you can grab a drink off the beach without sitting your sandy self on a barstool.

Large roll-up doors open up the bar allowing free flow of air (no stinky bar smell!) and give the building a large airy feel. With these doors opened it doesn’t matter how many people are in your party, you’ll never feel crushed together like you do in some of the more “traditional” bars.

The Atmosphere

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Hurricane Eddies is a low key joint and at the moment it’s still working on picking up business as a new bar so it needs a few months to really find it’s groove. You won’t find them packed…YET…but with the addition of a deck and food, business is sure to pick up quite quickly.

The music scene at Hurricane Eddies is debatable. Some claim to love the loud music and others claim that country music blasting at the beach just doesn’t fit…still, it’s a matter of personal preference.

The Staff

The staff at Hurricane Eddies are accommodating and polite and strive to make every customer feel welcome although when they do get busy, these poor girls are run off their feet. This could be a matter of the bar still being a work in progress, but who can tell? The bottom line is, however, that the staff will greet you with a smile and while you may have to wait a few minutes for your drink during “busy hours”, you’ll still get service with a smile.

Drinks at Hurricane Eddies

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Without food, you have to expect the drinks to be worth the trip and Hurricane Eddies definitely offers a wide selection to choose from. A number of their drink options are overpriced but they do have regular daily beer specials that run all day every day that is worth dropping in for.

Not a fan of beer? Don’t panic, there is plenty more to choose from in the way of mixed drinks and fruity flavor. Guests rave about the strawberry daiquiris and mixed drink specials throughout the week make sure that you can take advantage of saving a few bucks as well.

Check Out Hurricane Eddies

Although Hurricane Eddies still has a little way to go in terms of development on their property, they are certainly making a good start. The building is in a great location, the drinks are on point, and the staff are friendly. Once the new addition of a back deck and kitchen are made this is sure to be a favorite Dunedin beach front bar.