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Hurricane Eddies Dunedin: My complete review and picture set

Hurricane Eddie's




Beer Selection


Customer Service


Food Quality


Overall Value



  • Open Air
  • Plenty of TVs
  • Plenty of Seating


  • Not Dog-friendly
  • Limited Outdoor Seating
  • No Food

Not too long ago I posted a short post about Hurricane Eddies Dunedin. Today I want to share a little more about this beachfront joint and my impression from my recent visit. Of course, there are plenty of pictures too!

Hurricane Eddies Dunedin

hurricane eddies

A new addition to the Dunedin bar lineup, Hurricane Eddies still needs a little work to make it the experience you’d expect, but it’s well on the way. I headed down there recently to check it out for myself.

The Basics

Located at 300 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698, Hurricane Eddies sits where “The Inn” used to be prior to their fire. It hasn’t been too long since construction on the bar ended and while that means a sparkly clean bar, it also means that some of the projects that they have planned haven’t yet been completed. The biggest project in question? I’d have to say it’s the kitchen that hasn’t been set up because it means no food! According to the staff, there is also an outdoor deck in the works that hasn’t quite made it yet either. Although I would have loved for these two features to be installed before the bar opened, it’s still a joint worth checking out if you’re looking to grab a cold one on the beach front.

The Bar

hurricane eddies dunedin

When you first walk into Hurricane Eddied Dunedin, you will notice the large bar, counter height tables, and pool table. Of course, you’ll probably notice a large number of TV’s and the roll-up doors as well. It’s an unusual setting and yet it works well for a casual beachfront bar, especially when you add in a jukebox and dartboards to keep the competition heavy even when there isn’t a game on. Overall the atmosphere is about as casual as it gets, but not casual enough to bring the kids – this is not a kid-friendly place…at least not yet.

There is entertainment in place for the adults, though, and with the traditional bar games – pool and darts – and the large roll-up doors to let the sunlight in, you can let your hair down a little bit.

Drinks at Hurricane Eddies Dunedin

hurricane eddies dunedin

Drinks prices at Hurricane Eddies Dunedin are consistent with the area but some are a little overpriced. That said, they have some pretty good Happy Hour deals and some really great beer specials that run throughout the day.

If you’re a beer fan you’ll probably be a little happier with the drinks prices at Hurricane Eddies than if you’re looking for mixed drinks. I’m a beer fan myself but if you are on the lookout for something to round out a day at the beach, I’m told the daiquiris there are pretty good and worth the price.

TV’s, Understaffing, and Congeniality

hurricane eddies dunedin review

Like most beachfront bars, Hurricane Eddies has plenty of streaming sports on the TV and you know me, that kept me happy. In fact, I think the TV’s were something of a saving grace because understaffing seems to be a problem with the bar and without the TV’s I can see some customers getting pretty irritated.

I’m pretty sure that this understaffing had something to do with the staff lacking slightly in the congeniality department and I can’t blame them for that, no one likes being overworked. Not all customers were as understanding of the staff struggles, however, and when they had to clean their own tables and fetch their own drinks, there were a few unsatisfied grumbles.

My Experience at Hurricane Eddies Dunedin

dunedin hurricane eddies

I came away from Hurricane Eddies with an average feeling – nothing that stands out from the competition yet, but nothing worth complaining about. That said, there is plenty of potential and with the planned additions of a kitchen and an outdoor deck, I think things will pick up quite nicely.

In short, if you are looking for a beachfront beer then I’d drop into Hurricane Eddies without thinking twice. If you’re looking for more of an experience than just a drink, I’d hold off for now. Give the place time to find their groove, hire more staff, and get those intended upgrades in place and you will be much happier.

Want to Check Out Hurricane Eddies Dunedin Yourself?

If you want to check out Hurricane Eddies Dunedin yourself drop by and see them at 300 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698. Want to see if they have that kitchen up and running before you visit? Give them a call at (727) 221-0001 and ask!