Grumpy's Tap Room Review

About Grumpy’s Tap Room an Outdoor Bar in Downtown Palm Harbor

Grumpy's Tap Room Review




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Located in downtown Palm Harbor, Grumpy’s Tap Room is your typical beach shack type burger joint. Despite the typical appearance, however, Grumpy’s is a little less than typical in terms of what they have to offer.

Grumpy’s Tap Room and Yelp!

A quick Google search will soon reveal that Grumpy’s Tap Room is a less than desirable location for many in Palm Harbor.

The relatively new Grumpy’s replaced Billy Jack’s Burger Shack and while this is the way of things for beach shacks in this area of the state, it seems that Grumpy’s may have missed the mark completely when they took over.

Unhappy reviewers draw attention to combative and argumentative owners, dirty seating areas, inattentive wait staff, food that has to be sent back to the kitchen, and limited beer offerings.

Grumpy's Tap Room Palm Harbor

What Does Grumpy’s Have to Offer?

A full bar and happy hour are a definite must have for any burger shack in this area of the state and they are both offered by Grumpy’s. Unfortunately, if fellow reviewers are correct, the beer selection is dwindling and tap specials are very often out of stock. Add to this, the fact that there is no liquor on offer at all, and Grumpy’s bar selection seems to fall short.

Affordable prices – just under $7 for a burger and fries, may be enough to lure you in for a quick bite, but again, if fellow reviewer’s experiences are anything to go by, you may find yourself sending that burger back to the kitchen.

One reviewer even said that they were afraid of their food being tampered with if they sent it back to the kitchen! Sorry, but that’s not the kind of place I’m heading to grab a burger, even if it is one that has been “voted #1 burger.”

Grumpy’s Tap Room Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a decent place to grab a cold beer and sit down with the kids for an hour, Grumpy’s Tap Room is once again out of the question. A definite non-kid friendly atmosphere pervades at this small burger shack, but then again, for those without kids (or those looking to get away from theirs), this may not be a bad thing?

A TV, plenty of shaded outdoor seating, and good parking are plusses when it comes to this Palm Harbor joint, however, making it a decent place to grab a cold one and watch the game. Could you find better? For the location, certainly. I’d actually recommend Thirsty Marlin over Grumpy’s Tap Room any day – the atmosphere is better, the food is to die for, and the alcohol selection is far above average.

Grumpy's Palm Harbor

Grumpy’s Tap Room – Could it Get Any Worse?

From the information above, you may think that it couldn’t get any worse…think again. Customers have frequently complained about the roof leaking, the smell of the bathrooms, the cook being asleep at the bar, staff who neglect their customers despite poor turnout, and if that isn’t enough, Grumpy’s owners are known for a long history of causing disputes in the local community!

There is no shortage of places to grab a quick beer in Palm Harbor and I’m sad to say that I would rather drop into any of them rather than go to Grumpy’s.

I say this not only because of the lack of what Grumpy’s Tap Room has to offer but also because here in Palm Harbor, we are a community. As a community we want to support small business, but only when those small businesses support us!

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