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5 Reasons Fords Garage Clearwater Will Keep Me Coming Back (Review)

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I recently visited Fords Garage Clearwater and shared just a little information about what I found there, but today I’d like to get into a little more detail about my visit.

5 Reasons Fords Garage Clearwater Will Keep Me Coming Back

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1. Food

One of the best reasons I can think of for recommending a bar and restaurant is the food! That’s why I’ve topped my list of reasons why I love Ford’s Garage with mention of their food!

What kind of food can you expect to find at Ford’s Garage?

They’re best known for their mouthwatering burgers (seriously, don’t miss them!) but before we get to that, they have a menu full of delicious appetizers! I started out with Edsel’s Pretzels with honey mustard dipping sauce and they were beyond perfect. Not a pretzel fan? Don’t panic, there are plenty of options to choose from including:

  • Jumbo Piston onion rings
  • Ford’s classic chicken wings
  • Ford’s original nachos
  • Sesame crusted ahi tuna
  • Black Angus chili cheese fries

Looking for something a little bit more substantial? Whether you’re dropping in for lunch or dinner, Ford’s Garage offers something to keep everyone happy. Hearty salads are perfect for vegetarian visitors, delicious soups pair well with sandwiches for lunch, but if you’re only heading in for one of those classic burgers I’d recommend checking out the following burger creations!

  • The Ford’s Signature
  • The “Model A”

The Estate Burger

  • The Black -N-Blue

Not too sure about one of Ford Garage’s succulent burger creations? Try one of these entree options instead!

  • Chicken Henry
  • Beer battered fish and chips
  • Pulled pork sandwich
  • Maine lobster mac and cheese

Not starving or craving for something sweet? Don’t worry, there are dessert options for every family member! Not sure what to try? Check out one of these!

  • Sander’s chocolate bumpy cake
  • Mom’s “Secret Recipe”
  • Funnel cake fries
  • Key lime pie

Just dropping by for something sweet? Grab a milkshake or a float!

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2. Decor

Another one of my favorite things about Ford’s Garage is the decor of the place! As expected, it’s all Ford motor centered and includes a full-size early Ford that you can check out with the gearhead in your family.

As impressive as that Ford was, though,  I was more intrigued by the layout of the place inside which included a bathroom with car tire sinks and Ford memorabilia throughout the restaurant. What I really loved, though, was the bare brick wall and copper bar look of the place! Their website says that it’s reminiscent of the Prohibition era and they’re definitely not wrong.

There’s so much to look at inside the dining room of Fords Garage that it’s ideal for lunches with the quietest companion because there is plenty to talk about!

Fords Garage

3. Fords

I mentioned above that Fords Garage has a great Ford theme that includes full-sized vintage Ford vehicles and even if you’re not a “gearhead” the sight of those huge cars inside the dining area is amazing. My favorite is the large Ford that sits over the bar area, just hanging from the ceiling!

fords garage countryside

4. Drinks

Of course, Fords Garage isn’t just a food joint, they have plenty to drink too! Just check out the bar in the picture above! You’d better believe that they have some incredible drinks and some great beer to choose from. The Ford Fusions cocktails seem to be popular with the ladies and the $4 premium well all day every day special was a favorite among the younger crowds. I was happy with a cold one from the extensive selection of beer, just a warning though, if you’re indecisive, don’t open the beer selection menu because you’ll be there all day. They have lager, pilsner, IPA, amber, wheat, white, Belgian, stout, porter, and more!

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5. Atmosphere

Unlike some of the other bar/restaurants I’ve checked out recently, Fords Garage manages to balance a family friendly atmosphere with good food, good drink, and an atmosphere that’s appealing to adults as well. It’s a hard thing to do but I think Fords has really done it well.

If you’re looking for a novel place to eat that offers plenty of adult beverages and enough interesting decor to keep the kids happy while you get out of the house, Fords Garage is a definite must!

Want to Check Out Fords Garage For Yourself?

If you want to check out Fords Garage for yourself, I highly recommend it. They have a number of locations to try out, but I would advise you to check out the Clearwater joint if you are in the area!