Craft Street Pinellas

About Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks in Oldsmar, Florida

Located in Oldsmar, Florida, Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks may look like your average sports bar slash restaurant, but it is far from it. With solid reviews across the board, artisanal food offerings, drinks galore, and a no-singing happy birthday policy, this may just be my new favorite gathering spot.

Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks Locations

Craft Street Kitchen has two locations, one in Trinity (located at 3216 Little Rd.) and one in Oldsmar (located at 3153 Curlew Rd.) Both locations have the same menu offerings and base their food and service on the same “Street Rules”.

Craft Street Pinellas

The Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks “Street Rules”

The “rules of engagement” at the Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks location include the following:

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Talking to strangers is encouraged
  • You are encouraged to talk to your server if you have special dietary needs
  • The kitchen is kept open late for your benefit
  • Food is served until the place closes not until “the kitchen is closed”
  • There is no singing happy birthday by wait staff

There are a few other “rules” in there, but they have little to do with the actual service of the place.

Craft Street Kitchen

What Does Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks in Oldsmar Have to Offer?

Craft Street in Oldsmar offers a menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner in addition to beer on tap and quite a comprehensive drinks menu. When it comes to entertainment, you’re limited to the TV’s on the walls and over the bar, but that’s fine with me. Sometimes you want nothing more than to watch the game and grab a bite and that’s exactly what you get with Craft Street.

Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks Atmosphere

A warm atmosphere abounds at Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks in Oldsmar, but it isn’t necessarily the right place to take the kids. Don’t get me wrong, the place isn’t anti-child, but it has more of a sports bar quality to it rather than a Ruby Tuesday’s type feel.

Whether you choose to sit at a table, booth, at the bar, or on the large patio area, you will find that you aren’t crammed in next to other diners. While the atmosphere is warm and conducive to a chat with a stranger about the ballgame, Craft Street also has plenty of space so you can back your chair up without worrying about smacking into the people behind you.


The Food, The Drinks, and the Daily Specials

A great atmosphere is nice, but what really matters is the food and drink and here, Craft Street really excels.

A newer twist on bar food, the menu boasts offerings like “Buffalo Cauliflower”, a “Mojo Braised pork” sandwich, and Lobster mac and cheese.

12 beer taps that rotate daily, a wide range of beer varieties (on tap, in bottles, and in cans), unique cocktails, wine by the glass and by the bottle, and a range of unique non-alcoholic drink options make sure that there really is something for everyone.

As if the quality and selection weren’t enough, Craft Street Kitchen also offers daily specials on food and drink making an already enjoyable experience even more enjoyable.

Been thinking about checking out Craft Street Kitchen and Drinks in Oldsmar? I recommend checking it our if you’re in the area.

I will have my official Craft Street Oldsmar review in the near future.