Bars, Breweries, and Pubs

What is the difference between Bars, Breweries, and Pubs?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a busy one for me. I visited the Stilt House Brewery and Fairway Pizza in Palm Harbor. I will be sharing my experience in an up coming review here on Bar Critic. One question I often receive in my mail bag is, “What’s the difference between Bars, Breweries, and Pubs?”.

I took a little time to detail the subtle differences between all three below. I hope you find them helpful. 🙂

Leos Italian Grill

Photo: Leo’s Italian Grill, Palm Harbor, Florida

What is the difference between Bars, Breweries and Pubs?

It’s Friday after work and you are thirsty for a drink. Obviously, here we are talking about alcohol and not a glass of milk. Or you could get into those conversations which many people love having when they are enjoying their glass of pint of beer or whisky. Let’s assume the conversation is about bars, pubs and breweries and all over sudden one of your buddies either decides to put a spin into the works by asking you alcohol lovers what is the difference between bars, breweries and pubs.  Just so that you never find yourself get involved in endless arguments about this, lets clarify what each of these brew places is.

What is a brewery?

A brewery is a business entity established to make and sell beer. Modern breweries or beerhouses will have a set of equipment which they use to make beer. In ancient times people were making beer for their own private consumption up until drunken monks started selling what excess they had when they were satisfied. Today, breweries are classified according to the number of barrels they produce in a day or year.

There are breweries that make 50 barrels per year while there are those which make more than 300 barrels. 31 gallons make up one barrel, so you can imagine how cheerful people get after consuming a whole 300 barrels per year – and this is just 18% of the total beer consumed by the whole world.

What is a bar?

A bar is any premises established and licensed to sell any alcoholic beverage. Normally, bars have counters where drinks are served, it from the name of such a counter that a bar gets its name from. There are many bars which serve appetizers and other light foods such as pizza.

  • A bar serves cocktails, wines, mocktails and a limited number of beers. You will have a good time in a bar if you are a not a strict pint drinker but rather a wine, rum, scotch, whisky or a dry gin enthusiast.
  • Bars are more an American way of referring to a drinking joint. Rarely will you ever find yourself in a pub when you are in America unless it’s an Irish pub.
  • Youngsters have a better chance of gaining entry into a bar because of the lower age limit restriction they have. This is also because they mostly play loud music. It is also in bars that you will find dance floors and revelers tend to hop from one bar to the next in search of a thrilling time.
  • There many types of bars which can be categorized into gay bars, topless bars, bikers’ bars, singles bars, karaoke bars and so on.
  • The person who manages a bar is called a bar manager.
  • Bars are generally found in cities and tend to attract the trendy loving people. A bar manager or owner can easily influence the clientele they get by the lighting they install and the kind of entertainment they offer.

What is a pub?

A pub is a licensed establishment that sells alcoholic drinks. A pub is the short word for Public House. For centuries, British people have been enjoying their ales in pubs for centuries.

  • If you a Brit, you definitely know all about pubs and probably not as much about bars. This is because the word pub has been used in Britain and Britain influenced countries to infer drinking joints for centuries.
  • Pubs are more welcoming to all people including children because they serve food.
  • Bars carried on the torch from ale houses by specializing in serving fermented alcohol. They have a wide variety of beers even though you will find a good collection of hard drinks but not as many as those found in bars.
  • Because pubs specialize in beers and cedars, you will find that breweries will want to have outlets in the name of pubs. This helps the breweries market their brands and also gather important information about the market.
  • The owner or manager of a pub goes by the title of Landlord or Publican.
  • The ambience in a pub is cool and you are more likely to enjoy your drink here if you are a 50 year old unlike if you are 20 years. You will find families that want to spend quality time together here. The music played is cool and mostly constrained to the background. Pubs have a countryside appeal.

By knowing what a brewery is and at the same time being able to differentiate between a pub and a bar, you can be the authority in any argument which is supposed to settle what is what. Moreover, you will have a thrilling time every other time because you know where to go to quench your thirst every time.