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Bar and Restaurant Reviews by the Bar Critic

I wanted to take a moment and welcome all of you to my Bar and Restaurant reviews site for Pinellas County and Tampa Bay, Florida bars, breweries, eateries, pubs and restaurants.

I’m like many of you. A beer drinking, food lover that has a passion for the bar business and high customer service expectations. I enjoy writing my own bar and restaurant reviews, sharing the good, the bad and the sometimes very ugly.

Bar and Restaurant Reviews Pinellas County, Florida

As I visit the thousands of high-quality bar and restaurant establishments I will take time to note important findings throughout my journey here on The Bar Critic.

Frenchy's Island Outpost

Photo: Frenchy’s Outpost Bar and Grill, Dunedin, Florida

What to Expect from my Bar and Restaurant Reviews

The most important thing that you can expect from each of my reviews is honesty. I won’t accept payments to post bar and restaurant reviews from any of the Pinellas County and Tampa Bay, Florida places that I review.

Any paid advertisements or features will be clearly noted as a sponsored placement so that you always know that my reviews are based on true experiences.

How I will Base My Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Every bar and restaurant reviews that I write will be unique in its own way. In order to keep review ratings focused, I will base my reviews on a 5-star rating system. There will be a total of five categories that I will base each bar and restaurant review on.Let’s take a look at the five key review areas.

Let’s take a look at the five key review areas.

1. Atmosphere

Is the location clean, friendly and welcoming or is it small, cramped and dirty.

2. Beer Selection

Is the beer selection reserved for mainstream brews like; Budweiser and Samuel Adams, or a large selection of craft beer available to choose from.

3. Customer Service

Overall rating of the customer service levels that I experienced during my visit.

4. Entertainment

Depending on the business, is there live entertainment in the form of bands, or is entertainment centered around big screen televisions and sports.

5. Price

Overall price and value of the place being reviewed.

How to Follow My Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Here’s a few ways to keep in touch with the bar and restaurant reviews that I share here on bar Critic.